A New Location For Your Business: Why Design-Build Is The Answer

If your business is doing well, but you feel like it is ready to upgrade we can help you from concept to completion. Sometimes the location and appearance of a business is exactly the thing that is holding you back from drawing in the maximum amount of clients. A design-build may be the answer to bring a business to the next level.

Signs it May be Time for a Design-Build Upgrade for Your Business

  • Your business is running out of room. If your current location is getting cramped, instead of looking into buying an existing space, why not allow one of our expert development architects to design a space that is perfect for your unique needs? This will increase productivity and make your company even more efficient.
  • The location of the business is not near your clientele. Even if your storefront is attractive and the building is suited to your needs, if the business is not in an ideal location to bring in foot traffic, you can lose money. Our design-build services are perfect for when you need to upgrade your location.
  • You need more control or stability. If you are renting your business location, you are subject to rules and regulations from the owner, and there is a certain amount of instability when someone else owns your base. Hiring our design-build firm not only allows you to have more control from day one, it allows you to have more stability over the years because you will be the owner of your building.
  • First impressions matter. With a new facility, you will want to make your clients or customers feel confident in your ability to provide a specific good or service. If your current building is unattractive, outdated, or failing, it may give an undesirable impression from the start.

Check out our design-build projects, and contact us at 612-213-2210 when you are ready to take the next step with a new building for your business and represent the quality of your company. Our team of experts can make the process of upgrading your business feel easy and seamless due to our extensive experience and team of general contractors, architects, and designers.

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