The Advantages Of Building Green

When one of our customers decides they are in need of our sustainable design-build services for a new building project, they are not only helping the environment, but taking advantage of much more.  Building green isn’t difficult. If the concepts are implemented in the pre-construction planning phase with the architect, and followed through with the project manager and contracted teams, the whole process should go smoothly.

1 | Remain Budget Friendly

Building environmentally-friendly commercial buildings doesn’t necessarily mean only using expensive construction materials. It is possible to design and build a facility while remaining on track with the budget by using locally-sourced materials. One important thing to note: creating an environmentally friendly structure may cost more in the construction phase, but overall energy costs will be much lower in the long term. Lower energy bills mean lower post-construction operating costs for a company, year after year.

2 | Less Waste

The green building process also involves less waste because the materials used to build are designed to last longer and use less of the raw materials that deplete the earth’s resources. Many construction materials are either reused or recycled during the construction process. Discussing options with architects, the project manager, and the construction manager in the pre-construction planning phase can give the business owner a variety of choices when it comes to development.

3 | Lower Operating Costs

Because a green commercial building may incorporate the use of natural lighting for the interior (skylights and large windows), much less artificial lighting will be required to light the space during the day. Not only will more natural light have a tremendous impact on the amount of money needed to pay for electricity, but it also makes the building look more spacious and attractive.

We can also ensure the types of windows used for your building are energy efficient, meaning, they can keep out some amounts of UV rays as well as heat. This is especially beneficial during the summer months when you’re trying to keep your building and occupants cool by running the air conditioning.

4 | Lower Maintenance Costs

Because of the methods and materials used in green construction, these commercial buildings also boast low maintenance after construction. This factor can significantly reduce the labor costs to maintain a commercial building.

5 | Tax Breaks for Businesses

Building green can save your business money in more ways. The federal government continues to offer a variety of tax deductions for commercial buildings that incorporate green technology and that are more energy efficient. Be sure to discuss this option with your architect and project manager during the pre-construction planning phase.

Dering Pierson serves the development and construction needs of the Rogers, Minnesota and surrounding Twin Cities area by completing tasks on time and on budget. Our experienced and knowledgeable team, from the architects, to project managers, and general contractors, will work tirelessly to satisfy your expectations of your design-build. Contact us today at 612-213-2210 to discuss your pre-construction plans for development.

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