Why Collaboration Is The Most Important Aspect Of Design-Build

Some of the best ideas happen when everyone has some level of input. Ideas flow freely, trust is built, and value is proven for all parties involved in a project. This is one of the best advantages to utilizing design-build over traditional design models.

Collaboration allows all professionals involved in the project to have some level of input that can ultimately lead to a better product. This means that no idea is left undiscussed without being taken into consideration during the design-build process. We have some information for you that will show why collaboration is the most important aspect of the design-build process and why it should be implemented more.

All Parties Are Involved

As mentioned previously, all professional parties that are involved have a voice during the entirety of the project.

Whether costs need to be renegotiated, something needs to be fixed on the fly during the construction process or general approving of architectural designs during preconstruction services, collaboration ensures fluidity throughout the project. This allows for adaptability, especially if one of the members of the project decides a certain feature needs to be changed at the last second.

The Client Has a Voice

Building a commercial property can be nerve-racking for a client. They may feel as if they have little to no control over the design process once plans have been finalized by the commercial construction group. Collaboration allows them to be involved during the whole process and gives them the power to give input on what they want to be approved on their project. This puts power back into the hands of the client and gives them the ability to work closely with the team of professionals to complete the project.


Some of the best ideas are never spoken simply because an individual feels it is not their place to say them. With design-build, all ideas are encouraged to be spoken and are worth looking at to ensure that the best possible product is completed. Open collaboration allows for transparency during the project and can ultimately lead to building trust, which is another crucial component to creating a great project.

The Right Commercial Construction Group for You

At Dering Pierson Group, we pride ourselves on our transparency and ability to collaborate during the design-build process. We are the right choice when it comes to your commercial building needs. Contact us at 612-213-2210 today to schedule your professional consultation.

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